Monday, December 15, 2014

Cool Shit 12/15

I think the moral of the story of this sliding board video is, if you see an awesome looking slide that is boarded up, get one of your friends to climb it and go down:

These 24 pictures do a pretty good job of summarizing 2014.

Undulating fog in the Grand Canyon...

Where has James Bond been and where might he go: an essay.

Want to put your true insignificance on display? Travel to these places and gaze upon the stars.

The mysteries of World War II. Where's Robert Stack?

The reason we're not back on the moon? Money.

Anyone else excited to see Inherent Vice? If so, here's a primer list of movies to get you into good shape for it.

Lesser Star Wars characters that were turned into action figures. You know for the sake of completeness and not a money grab at all.

It will be interesting to see how they deal with the whole "Deckard is a replicant" in the Bladerunner sequel that is apparently happening. I hope it's in a "he was never a replicant" way since I think there was a bit of revisionist history when Ridley Scott said he made the movie with that idea. Because if that were the case, the movie loses the whole "replicants have more humanity than humans angle" which really worked (in my opinion). Regardless, Harrison Ford likes the script!

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