Friday, December 19, 2014

Cool Shit 12/19

So Serial ended yesterday. I hope it satisfied you and met whatever expectations you had for it.

String theory. It's a theory about the universe. Poppycock or Groundbreaking?

Global disaster: how are we all going to eat? Two guys put some thought behind it. Hint: it's probably bugs.

The cost of your a hacker.

Hey, remember Elon Musk's Hyperloop? And he was all like, "I could totally do this, but I'm too busy." And everyone else was kinda like, "Hmmm, sounds cool? Is it like Super Train, the 1979 NBC series? Because if it isn't I'm out."

Well, where do you think it stands now? (Hint: unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be paralleling Super Train.)

Looking for vacation ideas? Why not head to a Soviet Union-era ghost town

Looking back down on us at night. While these images are cool, it does sadden me a little that with all this light pollution we're losing our sight what lies above us. And that is filled with wonder too.

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