Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Links of Interest 6/10

So many unanswered questions in this video...where are they? Who thought it was a good idea to have a panoramic mountain shot behind them? Why is Kirk Cameron hanging on every word? Are we really supposed to believe a banana is the ultimate proof of God's existence? Guess these two are really going to be ticked off when bananas leave this mortal coil in the next 20 years or so, as they're becoming extinct. What God would forsake us of bananas?

William Shatner is a complex man. Seriously. I know people love to poke fun of him (myself included, and it's easy - here's an example) but shouldn't we also respect him as an artist? You have to give him this - he takes chances and doesn't care about the consequences.

You hate to see this, but with video games moving into the homes within the last 20 years, there's simply no reason to go to an arcade. Although, there is something to be said walking into a random arcade, and scoping out the game scene, debating which machine to put your quarter into. That sense of random variety is slowly disappearing in our society, and I think we're worse off for it. Our customizable, on demand world breeds a stronger sense of entitlement, which only makes us more selfish and petulant. And so concludes my "old guy on a porch rant."

Now this is how you get some cool publicity.

I'm a sucker for cool photography. By clicking on this link, I'll know you are too.

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