Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Links of Interest 6/11

Remember when cities were going to be built around this wonderful invention - and then the invention turned out to be Segways? Sometime between then and now they went from being able to revolutionize the way people commuted to being a good prop for comedic gold. For evidence, click here.

Absurd this guy thinks the army can force protesters away by forcing them to take a dump. 1. The Brown Note, up to this point, is a fallacy, and 2. What militaristic group would want to deal with the aftermath of unleashing a weapon like this on a crowd of thousands? Think about it.

Two great sets of capturing the recent world events involving water, the other involving pictures of space.

Why isn't the possibility of games being fixed in the NBA getting more attention? True, it could simply be a guilty man trying anything to deflect blame off himself and making things up, but still - shouldn't it be investigated? Other than an occasional story buried on ESPN, I've seen nothing about this. Isn't there an expose in here somewhere? Steroids in baseball get congressional hearings; an alleged NBA game fixing conspiracy gets a couple words and that's it.

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