Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Podcast 9.01 Recap

Our last single-digit podcast was memorable for several reasons. Not the least of which was my rapid-fire catch phrase shoe-horning whenever Goose's defenses were lowered. Other actual content-related content:

  • We discover that apparently Girl Drinks (Chocolate Choo Choo, Blue Crush) are like catnip to women. They even help me throw some game.
  • I talk about the house concert I hosted recently. This segues into an update on the film we made recently.
  • In Musical Interlude, we put on our A&R pants as we discuss songs dear to our hearts that should have been supper-massive mega hits.
  • And finally we re-visit 8.00's ground-breaking The Naughty & The Nottie segment as I throw a couple at Goose he may or may not approve of.
Music from and inspired by Musical Interlude (I couldn't find the Moe or Huffamoose songs, so I include YouTube selections from each):

SeeqPod - Playable Search

  1. Some pictures from my house concert.
  2. "Be Careful What You Wish For...", our award-winning short film, will be posted shortly, possibly in its own blog post.
  3. Girl Drink Recipes:
    1. What I dubbed the Blue Crush.
    2. Goose's Chocolate Choo-Choo was mostly improvised, but there was definitely Godiva Liqueur, Sambuca, and random combinations of marshmallows & graham crackers. And maybe a splash of Spanish Fly.
    3. General purpose drink recipe site:
  4. Lienert/Pickleman Podcast
  5. Goose's Naughty Notties:
  1. Moe - "Not Coming Down", one of Goose's Music Interlude choices

  2. Huffamoose Documentary Trailer (could not find "Him in a Magazine")

  3. ellipsis - Our friend Vale Jokisch's band who did my house concert, performing on NBC-10.

  4. Another house concert I went to recently and recorded several songs by the incredible Felice Brothers.

  5. The classic Kids in the Hall "Girl Drink Drunk" sketch. Watch for the little things like the waitress' choo-choo noises, and Kevin McDonald's slight sigh when Dave Foley starts reading off the Squashed Strawberry Alley Cat ingredients.

  6. Trailer for the Illeana Douglas movie loosely based on the life of Carole King whose name I couldn't remember and whose existence Goose couldn't remember. I'm a big fan of the bad accents and awesome beards/hairdos sported by Turturro, Stoltz, & Dillon. This movie was also notable for having some pretty cool music (e.g. Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach) written in the style of the times portrayed by the movie.
    1. More Wikipedia info.

  7. Cheri Oteri turning me on

  8. Leinert's doppelganger in sound + vision

  9. A snippet of Baldwin & Wilder, apparently on a date. Not that I'm jealous.

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