Friday, June 19, 2009

Links of Interest 6/19

Agree with this list of top creative minds in television and film?

You’re 13 and your parents just don’t understand you. They keep giving you Hardy Boys’ books for Christmas, but you’re so over that man. You want something deeper, something dark. So you’re finally ready to give that new author Stephen King a try. Well, here are some tips.

Here’s some fun science fiction that is feasible for the real world. Take a train from New York to Paris!

I guess it’s looking at us funny? Or maybe some NASA scientist got stoned, totally didn’t prepare for his meeting and when called upon for his ideas, blurted this out. And since everyone loves blowing stuff up…

Going to be in Chicago July 11th? Why not register for the US Open – of miniature golf.

A look at phantom traffic jams. You know, when you’re sitting in traffic, and you assume there’s an accident or some other event up ahead that has stopped all these cars, but as you continue to inch along, you see no debris or evidence of said event?

The revolution in Iran is being fueled by Twitter?

Father’s Day humor for your upcoming Father’s Day.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a huge aficionado on hard liquor – especially bourbon and scotch. But if I want to live in a Mad Men world, I guess I have to start educating myself.

Let’s hope the demand for good workers is a little better in 2039 too.

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