Friday, June 5, 2009

Links of Interest 6/5

A look at what critics thought the best shows of the last decade were.

Cheery thought for a Friday – what’s it feel like to freeze to death?

The lesson? I have no idea. In this society lessons are routinely ignored. So good luck out there!

I’m not sure it’s so easy to rank the craziest cults, but this place gives it a shot.

A question I’m sure that has passed through everyone’s mind at one time or another. Can't we just live with global warming?

Here are the individuals that made it ok to torture.

Puppet masters
throughout history. Not the Jim Henson kind.

Had I known about Sly Stallone’s pudding, I definitely would have stocked up on it.

Sure, for the most part, Transformers are cool. Until you start getting into these guys.

Here are some rather delicious looking canned food products for your enjoyment.

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