Thursday, June 4, 2009

Links of Interest 6/4

If you’re looking to get into science fiction, these 50 films are a great place to start.

Unripe fruit. A delicacy?

Read the summary paragraph about this guy (new president of South Africa). If you’re not intrigued, then the article isn’t for you.

What made these weird rings in the ice of a Russian Lake. I’m leaning toward the devil refusing to use a coaster for his drink. Prove me wrong!

A look at some of the more interesting beers from around the world.

Talking to the cast of The Hangover. With all this publicity, you’d think I was a schill for the movie. I’m not. I could be. For a nominal fee. Just throwing that out there.

The Beatles: Rock Band is coming out soon. Here’s how it all happened.

An interview with Bjork.

We might be going slightly overboard when society creates a need for a water sommelier.

The “hidden dark side” of soy?

Talking with Larry David. I have no idea who the interviewer, Scott Raab is (other than working for Esquire) but to me he comes off as a real douche in this piece. I’m not sure if he went in with the intent to “lock horns” with Larry David, or not, but the interview doesn’t come off as great. I’ve also heard some bad things about the movie, which can’t be good for Larry David’s psyche.

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