Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beck Interview

Regardless of what you think about Pitchfork, they're very much relevant in the overall scene. So much so that they scored this interview with Beck. The most interesting thing to me was talking about some recent stuff he was doing and what it may or may not sound like, going all the way back to Odelay...

Pitchfork: I was wondering if the schizophrenic, 10-minute "Harry Partch" tribute song you put up on your website earlier this year contained bits of new material.

BH: I don't know-- I'd actually have to ask somebody. That song was maybe a bit more hyper. But it's similar to this other project that I've been working on for years, which started with a song I did in '95 called "Inferno". We left it off of Odelaybecause it ended up feeling like this weird rap-rock thing. A lot of the tracks we turned in for that album were pretty confusing for people at the record company, so we thought "Inferno" would just alienate them completely [laughs]. We ended up putting it on the Odelay deluxe reissue. But I'd always wanted to do a longer piece of music like that with all these different sections.

Yeah, I hate the fact that there might be record execs out there that have a say in what Beck music I can and can't hear.

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