Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Secrets of Lost...Ignored Some More

Not sure how everyone felt about the series finale of Lost. To me, a lot of people simply tried to convince themselves it was good. To a degree, they were right; as a season finale, it was strong.

But a series finale? No.

Look, I realize it was impossible to answer all the mysteries of the island. There were way too many loose ends that couldn't be tied up. And, besides, answering all the mysteries wouldn't have been as much fin. However...

I think the major flaw of the end of Lost was that the storytellers (whoever you think them to be - producers, writers, etc.) "lost" many of the ideas that they set up in the seasons before the final one. The last season almost seems to completely ignore all of that in order to force itself into the ending they created. Which is kinda of a copout and insults the dedicated viewers a bit.

I mean they set up Charles Widmore so early, and to discard him so casually seemed a bit cavalier. I realize they continually said the show is about the "characters" but that wasn't the case in seasons' past. That mantra started coming out later in the show's run, and conveniently enough to help explain the last season.

Anyway, because there were so many unanswered questions, news came out that there would be some unaired extra footage that would at least fill in a few of the blanks. The first of this extra footage has been released on the Internet.

So if you couldn't sleep at night because of your burning desire to know about the Dharma airdrops, here you go!

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