Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Power of Women Tennis Players

The influence of the Williams' sisters on the game of tennis is pretty obvious. Gone are the days of Chris Everett bounding like a graceful gazelle on the expanse of green. Today, women's tennis is a mixture of power and movement, balls exploding off the rackets and screaming over the net.

This is certainly what this New York Times article is suggesting. But what else is the article suggesting? Or is it possible the article's existence is to simply video some of the game's best in weird clothing and slow motion?

You be the judge.

Personally, I find it a little weird, specifically some of the outfits being showcased. In fact, this Salon article goes into a little deeper. But I also understand the appeal of slow motion video - everything looks better in slow motion - and so I can't 100% fault the Times for making this play.

However, I also would have maybe, you know, focused a little more on the idea of tennis, and not on the sculpted bodies. But that's just me.


Cline said...

Am a very casual tennis fan. Can get sucked into the majors if something interesting is happening.

My perception is that every time the Williams sisters play each other, what should be an epic matchup is usually a blowout.

It *seems* as if they don't want to both bring their A game and get real competitive with each other.

If so, that's a shame because it would be fascinating to watch.

Goose said...

Pretty much spot on - which I don't understand, since I always want to beat my sibling when in competition. As sure as I am that he wants to beat me.

Cline said...

I can understand the Klitschko brothers not wanting to literally beat the shit out of one another, but it's tennis for crying out loud.

I don't have a sibling of a similar age like you do, but I can only assume I'd be as competitive.

Stupid women.