Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need Help Solving a Crime?

I'm really not sure where to start with this one, so I'll just let the article do the talking...

There are an estimated100,000 uncaught killers in the United States. Cops are overworked, departments underfunded, and as many as one in three murders goes unsolved. But the Vidocq Society — named after Eugene Francois Vidocq of Paris, the world's first detective and founder of France'sBrigade de la Sûretépolice force — hunts down the murderers, frees the innocent, and succors the families victimized by crime.

So it's kind of like the Hall of Justice, but the superpowers these men possess are of the mental kind. Cool! So, what would kind of person would be part of such an awesome, exclusive group?

"I call Frank [Bender] with the tough cases," says America's Most Wanted host John Walsh, who considers him brilliant. (Bender is also happily sex-addicted, having slept with some 300 women — his wife had no objections. He is dying of mesothelioma that has eaten two of his ribs, and doctors can't understand why he isn't dead yet.)
Wow - is there anything else they can lay claim to?

They are besieged with requests from cops and victims around the world, including a congressman who wanted to solve a murder in his family, and a young, small-town Tennessee cop overmatched by an elderly millionaire serial killer who moved from state to state killing his wives. However, a case must be cold for two years before they will touch it. (Walter claims to know who killed JonBenét Ramsey, and the identity of Jack the Ripper, but won't tell anybody.)
A super group of people that solve crimes AND know the identities of two of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time? Yeah, these guys are badass.

These are just a few snippets, I really recommend you read the whole thing here.

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