Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Top Recurring Characters from Kids in the Hall

While I'm a huge Kids in the Hall fan, I never thought their recurring characters were that great. I was a bigger fan of their original skits and weirdness they brought out. Still, I realize Lorne Michaels' bread and butter is repeat characters, so I assume he pushed the idea hard as the producer of the show.

Also, looking at this list, I'm having a hard time coming up with any other recurring characters. I'm sure they have them, but...


Cline said...

Yeah, I'm struggling to come up with other stuff too.

Can't see the YouTube clips on that page (stupid work firewall), are the cops on there?

Does multiple skits in the same episode count as "recurring"?

If so, you could add Mr. Heavyfoot & The Flying Pig to this list.

In a perfect world, "Hitler F*cks a Donkey" would have been as recurring as Goat Boy or Mango.

Goose said...

great call on the policemen. Not on the list and that's a crime.