Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Television's Fall Preview

Over at the A.V. Club, they've put together a preview of the upcoming Fall television season. And let's just say things don't look all that stellar. But there do seem to be a few shows with potential. Here's what I'm looking forward to...

Boardwalk Empire

It's on HBO, and that immediately gives it some cred in my book. Yes, I know HBO has stumbled a bit (but fuck you, I'm a John from Cincinnati fan and wish it was still on!) but this has some power horses (yes I just made that up) behind it including Martin Scorsese. And it looks like it's the Goodfellas Martin Scorsese and not the Kundun Scorsese so I'll definitely give my attention to this.

The Event

Ok, so yeah, this is probably going to suck, but I'm a sucker for conspiracy shows and I'll give it a chance. Besides, NBC has been promoting it so heavily I think they bought airtime to my dreams, so I'm actually programmed to watch it. I'm sure I'll get sick of it by season 8, when they still haven't completely explained what the event was.

Running Wilde

I love Arrested Development. I love Will Arnett. So I want this to be good. I really do. But after seeing this trailer for it...

...I've lowered my expectations. It's as though Mitchell Hurwitz basically figured his Arrested Development was too smart for the masses, and so he went out and created a dumb version of it. I hope I'm wrong. I'll tune in to see if I'm wrong. But I don't think I'm wrong.


Have heard absolutely nothing about this until I read the A.V. Club preview. Stars Donal Logue so that's intriguing (he was in Life - a criminally underrated show). Also one of the Ocean's 11 writers is behind it, and I love that movie. It is on FX though which might be trouble. I have no idea what number that is on my cable box, and I fear I might lose interest in whatever show I'm looking for before I can actually find the channel. I have a relatively short attention span. Oh look, porn!

Body of Proof

Sure, it sounds like 10000 other shows. But it also boasts Dana Delaney, and for that reason alone I will tune in. My Dana Delaney admiration goes way not all the way back to China Beach, but to Exit to Eden. Sure, watching that meant witnessing a Dan Akroyd/Rosie O'Donnell potential romance, and that alone should be enough for the film and all copies to be destroyed, but it also boasted Dane Delaney as a dominatrix ruling a sex island. I think. Maybe I'm not so clear on the plot anymore. And I'm not going to imdb to check it out for fear of glimpsing the Akroyd/O'Donnell coupling.

Sure, the plot sounds convoluted (something about a car accident and she loses her ability to be a surgeon but gains the ability to become a medical examiner - a super smart medical examiner that solves crimes?), but I've heard of weirder plot devices. Ok, maybe I haven't. But did I mention it stars Dana Delaney? In a Quincy-esque role?

Wait a minute - did someone mention Quincy? You know what that means...

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