Monday, November 11, 2013

Cool Shit 11/11

Cool time lapse of the Albuquerque Hot Balloon Fiesta, which apparently is a really big hot air balloon thing:

New cola wars taste challenge! Though I'm not really sure how this can ever be considered definitive when it only tests 10 sodas. It also hurts my coke loving heart that Pepsi won overall. And finally, I can't believe people couldn't tell the difference between coke and pepsi. (Bonus link: I like the subtle patronizing vibe this article has about the difference between Mexican coke and regular coke. It's the same! No one can tell the difference anyway! No one really likes it!)

Boy that Eminem has a lot of anger. Especially toward celebrities.

Um, well, if for whatever reason (and I would never dream of judging) you need to create an entirely new identity, here's some information that might help.

Who knew? Apparently there's no honor in the world of hiring a hit man.

There's plenty of fish we love to eat, but there's also plenty of fish we don't like to eat. Is it marketing? Is it something else? Is it just plain old-fashioned weird? Do we not want to eat a dogfish because it's named "dogfish?"

A deeper look into the James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service - from Steven Soderbergh. I haven't read his article yet, but I can imagine one of the main points SS believes it's one of the best Bonds is because it shows Bond with true emotion (when his wife dies at the end) and th consequences of that. Unfortunately, they also had George Lazenby doing it, not the world's best actor so it didn't come off with the emotional punch it could have. But it did have Telly Savalas as Blofeld, and I can't argue that. But I can argue that the hypnotized perfume girls was a pretty lame evil plan.

Ok I actually just went and read it. While he does allude to the ending and emotion, I was wrong in that I thought he would hinge the entire argument around that. Based on what he wrote however, he should have. I'm not sure how we can go from the first paragraph praising the director to the next, angrily taking the "filmmakers" to task for not using Lazenby in the right way, including the fact that "they won't even let him finish a fucking sentence onscreen." Which, I guess I would argue the director probably has to take some of the blame. Mr. Soderbergh, you can't have it both ways! Also, I would argue that For Your Eyes Only is a fantastic bond and maybe SS should go to bat for that one. (or maybe someday I will).

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