Monday, November 25, 2013

Cool Shit 11/25

The new era of assassinations. While data suggests assassinations are on the decline, it doesn't mean they still can't and won't be effectively used in the future.

Inside the rare world of a North Korean chain restaurant. MMMMM dog casserole!

I love Dirty Dancing. So I feel a little sad to have learned that Conan doesn't, and that his campaign to have it rereleased was a joke he didn't have anything really invested in. Anyway, here are a few more facts about the movie you might not have known.

Continuing on the theme of lists of facts, here are some about our very own Milky Way Galaxy.

Are you a traveler? Than this list of cool trips to take around the world will be right up your alley.

New season of Sherlock Holmes! And he's not dead. Which wouldn't have taken Sherlock Holmes to figure out really. Well, not in the real world. Apparently, it will take Sherlock Holmes to figure out in the Sherlock Holmes world. But in the world where Sherlock Holmes is just a television show, it's absurd to think they would have a third season without Sherlock Holmes. Right?

Sure, this article is about a Google working on developing a self-driving car, and that's amazing enough, but what I want to know more about is Google X - the secret laboratory where they work on experimental projects. Hold on...

Ok, so I just googled Google X. And I have to say, Google the company  doesn't do a great job of keeping Google X that secret. Since the search engine returned back a number of results.

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