Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool Shit 11/26

While I am not a cat person, I know there are plenty of you out there on the Internet, naively believing the serial killers of the animal kingdom enjoy your company. So by all means, head over to this "Cat Island" and cuddle with your felines. Just don't bring any babies, and don't turn your back for a second.

It seems the Food Network was built on the back of Alton Brown. "Good Eats" was a show that didn't just teach, it entertained - a rare feat that many strive for, but few accomplish. Much like the current crop of chefs list Julia Childs as an inspiration, in the future the new crop will list Alton Brown.

Ranking the cheap bourbons. Because let's face it, there's simply not enough Pappy Van Winkle for all of us to enjoy.

This guy builds weapons out of ordinary products anyone can get at shops in the airport. You know, like once he passes through the TSA screenings and has nothing better to do other than wait to board his plane. Weapons that can hurl a projectile through a watermelon, and shoot change through drywall. Just so you know.

Book recommendations. Nothing more, nothing less. One person, one review.

Yes there's a sport called chessboxing, and yes people participate and take it seriously. It's not just a Wu Tang (FOREVER!) thing.

One of the greatest concepts you've never heard of (unless you're a really big fan of the City Museum in St. Louis), Cementland, will never truly be realized. Fuck.

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