Friday, November 8, 2013

Cool Shit 11/8

People say "fuck" a lot on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, now that it went public, doesn't it owe something to the users who made it what it is? Take a look to see what you might be owed.

Well this sounds quite insane: Marvel has signed on with Netflix to create four series with different superheroes which will then culminate in a tie-in series (miniseries?) with all those characters. So yeah, Marvel is trying to take over the world. What superheroes are around to stop them?

I never read any of Harry Potter, so I have no idea what butterbeer is. But I know a lot of people did read the books, so the news that you can kinda order one at Starbucks now will probably be popular.

The best rapper you've never heard of has released his latest album. Download it here. From his website, you hooligans!

Here's a sample (and just a FYI, it contains some spicy language so maybe not blasting through the speakers, unless you work in a rap studio):

Spooky public transportation. Although really, it's just stuff that was never completed or have a few interesting stories. Sure, a dark, abandoned tunnel is scary, but then should it be classified as public transportation?

So, I'm not sure if you saw The Raid: Redemption. If you like kung fu/karate movies it's definitely for you and it's definitely insane, over the top action. Which of course means they've made a sequel for it, coming out next year:


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You gotta love a rapper that has his own cooking series -