Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool Shit 11/12

Regardless of how you feel about George Clooney, read this article for the awesome prank he pulled on Brad Pitt, involving Meryl Streep (albeit indirectly).

I guess you could say I grew up in the golden age of talk shows, when hosts (off the top of my head: Maury, Geraldo, Sall Jesse, Springer, Morton Downey Jr., Richard Bey, Montel, et al) were competing with one another with the most absurd sensationalism they could muster. And while I lost touch of those shows, it appears they've continued on, trimming the fat and surviving like cockroaches after the apocalypse. Springer slides down a pole to start his show? Also, if you're either invited or ask to go on Maury, you've GOT to realize nothing good can come out of it. Nothing.

It seems the Olympics in Sarajevo didn't do much to help the economy or become the thriving winter tourist attraction city/country officials had hoped.

Watching dominos fall is somewhat soothing. Except my one problem with this video is that it easily could have (and actually was) been edited so that each "stage" of the setup could have been done individually and not all at once. So I'm a little suspicious of the whole thing.

The moral of this story might be if you ever find yourself as an American traveling in Venezuela, to suggest to everyone you're Canadian.

Nothing to see here, unless you enjoy the Beatles and want to view them in 360 degrees in the studio. Stupid cool.

Make your iPhone useful: turn it into A BBQ thermometer. Or a geiger counter!

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