Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool Shit 11/14

This has the vibe of something that a fan of Andy Kaufman would do, trying to trick an audience with a sincere moment of announcing the comedian is still alive. The main problem with the theory that I see is that Andy loved to perform in front of people. So sure, the ultimate prank (or troll) to maintain 2013 language) on the world would be to fake his death EXCEPT what is the payoff? All good joke tellers feel the juice when they realize they get to the punchline...this one doesn't seem to have one, or if it does, it's been going on way too long, much longer than I think Andy could bear before the reveal.

Still, if it is true, it would be an amazing stunt. Absolutely amazing. And if you'd like to know more about the whole possibility of him faking his own death, here's a fairly decent refresher on the whole subject.

Some of these places around the Earth that you should see before you die you've probably seen before, because they are the standards whenever someone takes another crack at this woefully unoriginal list of places you should see before you die. But then there are a few entries that might not be so familiar with...

The whiskey you drink isn't so different from the whiskey I drink. At least that's what this chart kinda sorta suggests. There aren't as many distilleries as one might think.

In addition to showing that we're pretty much irradiated from all the nuclear fallout, this map of every nuclear detonation in the world between 1945 and 1998 also shows that the United States never wanted to come in second for blowing up nuclear stuff.

Um, I would like to ski on glaciers in Antarctica too. Where do I sign up? And for those who don't like to ski, you can still book passage on a boat that breaks up the ice down there, if that's more your thing.

More pictures. This time from NASA. Who I dare say might have the largest/best canvass from which to create from.

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