Monday, November 4, 2013

Cool Shit 11/4

So basically if you run a marathon, you should expect to end it with showing the same symptoms people have seen in corpses. Sign me up!

So yes, I took a humorous look at some of the suggestive costumes ladies could wear at Halloween, attempting to show how ridiculous the our society was becoming. And yet now here's GQ with an article in defense of the sexy Halloween costume, because if the author hadn't worn it, she probably wouldn't have met her husband, which is absurd just on so many levels...

In case you didn't know, Walmart parking lots are a haven for people on the road that need a place to stop and crash to rejuvenate. RVs, cars, vans full of people going to and from. And this policy apparently has led to the nomadic lifestyle for some people who sorta, kinda live in these parking lots. When you look around the corner sometimes, instead of simply straight ahead, you will find things that are just left of center. The nomads of Walmart parking lots is an example.

The cult of juicing. Which goes beyond simply trying to be healthy, and into a whole other stratosphere of changing your mind and body mechanics. At least so say the juicers.

The ways these two have been gushing over each other recently, I assume it's only a matter of time before Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney have sex.

I like that the list of 54 things you should know how to do is so varied. Because you never know when you're going to have to start a fire with matches OR cook an egg properly.

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