Friday, January 10, 2014

Cool Shit 1/10

We're all excited for the big blockbusters coming on 2014, but what about the indie movies?

I won't pretend to be able to understand everything that is going on in this article and photo about far away galaxies, but I do know that it some of the facts are simply astounding. Perhaps too astounding for us to get too excited about. I sometimes think that's why we're not as interested in space, because our minds simply can't grasp the wonder that is out there.

A 1981 documentary on the Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The quality ain't great, but it's perfect for Raiders' completists. Also if you have an hour to kill on a lazy Friday.

Berkeley Breathed, he of Bloom County fame, once developed an animated Grinch movie, complete with concept art and the hope Jack Nicholson would voice the Grinch. Sadly, We got Jim Carrey instead. Check it out though for some concept art that would have been pretty cool.

Some information about prison conjugal visits. You know, if you're planning a crime with a relatively high failure rate, and want to know how you might get some in the pokey.

Fuck you Fashion Beans and your list of the 5 most popular shoes of all time. Not even a mention of Rod Lavers? That's just stupid.

Anyone catch the Spoils of Babylon last night? A parody (I think) of 70s miniseries on IFC, the concept is funnier than the execution. This review from Grantland sums up my thoughts pretty well. A lot of gags are thrown at you pretty quick; some work and some fail miserably. The problem is the ones that fail miserably take a lot of time to fail and you're stuck, impatiently waiting for the show tp gain speed again. The mannequin was funny for an instant, but it now seems it's going to be in the show for the long haul (or at least longer than the bit is funny for). What I would have rather seen with the mannequin is a real actress playing the "wife" and then a couple shots of her clearly being a mannequin. Anyway, I'll continue to watch, because the setups before and after every episode with Will Ferrell are hilarious, and definitely give off that "Orson Welles selling out and schlepping for products but still bringing his massive ego" vibe. I just hope the show settles into a groove.

Turning our attention to a great show: this is splendid news to hear Sherlock is at least thinking and plotting out seasons 4 and 5!

Oh how I wish I thought of this: "Ranking" the couples in the Cialis commercials we see ad nauseum. Here's part 1, and here's part 2. Personally, I'm not sure how bench STAINING couple isn't #1. Who doesn't get all sexed up during antique restoration? You've got to be ready!

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