Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cool Shit 1/7

Oh nothing much to see here, other than some spooky abandoned prisons. To be fair, occupied prisons are pretty spooky, no?

The best cheesesteaks in Philly, as told by Alan Richman, one of the better food writers out there, and a native.

So it seems Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld have teamed up again to write a new project. Seinfeld 2: Seinfelder? That's my guess at least.

New trailer for House of Cards: Season 2, which is coming back February 14! Valentine's Day just got a whole lot sexier!

Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos sound delicious and completely natural.

I think I just froze my polar vortex. Actually, very few people even know what a polar vortex is, other than an awesome future SyFy movie.

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