Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cool Shit 1/29

So Michael Keaton is a loon. In the best possible way someone can be a loon. Also, I think I need a publicist to write to people about how I'd like to speak to/with them.

The life of a (at least Baltimore Raven) cheerleader. While the facade may be glamorous, it seems it's just like any other job. It seems some of it is a bit unfair, but there is a rulebook that lays it out in some detail, so the women who try out at least know what they are getting into. As for the preferential treatment of some cheerleaders, I've seen that first hand at every job I've ever been associated with, so that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. I have issues with the concept of cheerleading in general (at least with the concept of professional sports teams having cheerleading squads) so I'm just not sure how to feel reading the article.

Twins; one gives up sugar, the other gives up fat. Read the results. If I were a triplet, I'd have helped and been the control and doubled my sugar and fat content.

While it's low hanging fruit, this look at how awful the movie Batman & Robin really is, will show you just how awful Hollywood really can be.

I love conspiracies. And I love 70s movies. So there isn't much better for me than a list of 70s conspiracy movies.

Wisconsin secret ice caves!

Probably the closest (I like to hedge my bets, just in case Richard Branson or Elon Musk is reading this, and have the space ship capable of achieving this) you'll ever get to flying through a nebula.

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