Monday, January 13, 2014

Cool Shit 1/13

New show called Turn, about spies in the American Revolutionary War, coming this April on AMC:

Finally! We've broken the wimpy 16 story height and gone ahead and built a 17 story tall water slide...

A couple rumors about the new Star Wars movie. And I'm going to say, I agree with Abrams here, focusing on the characters we know, and giving fans a kind of tribute to them before he goes off with new characters. I think it's a smart strategy. Now, if only we can make sure he isn't the primary writer, I think this has the potential to really work.

Now, if Abrams hired this guy to oversee the look and feel of the film, maybe we'd really have something. It is possible of course that Abrams is thinking of things a little bigger than using Legos.

And one more Star Wars link - this one is from the Peter Mayhew, aka Chewbacca, photo collection: pictures on the sets of Star Wars that you've never seen before.

Oh good, Quentin Tarantino is making another western. On the positive side, it won't take much to be better than Django Unchained.

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