Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cool Shit 1/21

It's time to start thinking about new television shows for 2014. Here's a (most likely incomplete) list of what we can expect from the networks in the way of premieres in the next coming months.

I assume you have a freezer, so why not throw some of these foods in there for a few hours in order to blow your tastebuds out of your mouth?

The idea that injuries from grooming pubic hair is on the increase is not the most exciting thing to me in this article; the fact that there is a journal out there titled "Urology" is.

New Beck album this year! Sounds like we're going to get introspective Beck and not funky Beck.

The only thing I really took away from this list of the best scenes in movies that involve lasers is that lasers are cool.

Apparently the places in Twin Peaks were real! At least some of them. And now you can see them all on this handy map.

Drop some acid, put on some Allman Brothers and chill out to some videos of migratory bird patterns, man.

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