Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cool Shit 1/15

Like to cook? Here are 100 tips from famous chefs that might help you in the kitchen.

Keeping with the cooking theme, here are a bunch of French classic dishes (by region) that you should make an effort to eat.

Awesome surfing video from a perspective you may have never seen before. Sure drones are going to disrupt the very nature of our being with the many ways our governments will use them to keep us in our place, but we also get videos like this. Even tradeoff!

Charlie Kaufman is getting a show on FX. And it's not about one show within a show, but TWO shows within a show. I'm sure it won't be meta in any other way.

There's a new Godzilla movie coming out soon, so it makes sense that we start thinking about the science behind the creature. What's that you say? A fictional creature? That's what they want you to believe!

I understand this is more of a joke more than anything else, but I watched at least 5 minutes of American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. Japan the other night, more than enough to see that it indeed looked weighted in the Americans favor. Which sucks. I immediately thought that a challenge like this should be held in Japan, since you know, the game was created there and all. But no, it was in Las Vegas. On a course that I assume the Americans practiced on as much as they wanted. And I realize NBC wants to trump up the idea of a rah rah "U-S-A" mentality so close to the Olympics, but since when do we have to take such a aggressive, "bullied" approach that we are the best in everything? Have we learned nothing from the 1980 Olympic hockey outcome? An underdog is beloved! I'm not saying go into every sport with that thought, but a more realistic approach would probably help us all. It's stupid to think we're the best at everything ever, and that only leads to disappointment. Especially when it comes to the winter Olympics, which we're notoriously not the best at everything, and in fact not great at much of anything. Maybe if we lowered expectations in situations like this, we wouldn't be so aggressive as a society, and therefore not looked at with such disdain by the rest of the world. Quiet confidence goes a long way in this world. It's unfortunate not enough people understand that.

But that's just me.

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