Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cool Shit 1/14

View of a ski jump (olympic variety). Or, I guess to be more accurate, a view of going off a ski jump backwards...

There are a lot of theories out there about the origins of AIDS. And most of them are completely crazy.

I always wondered why taxidermists didn't have much of a sense of humor with their subject matter. Well, I don't have to wonder anymore.

I bet a supershow with Leonard Nimoy AND Robert Stack gets these global unsolved mysteries solved lickety split! (Unrelated: does the In Search Of... intro music create a sense of impending dread in anyone else the moment they hear it, or is that just me? I won't even get into the psychological ramifications of the Unsolved Mysteries music)

Behind the scenes of making a segment of skiing through a rain forest. I'm not sure who comes up with these ideas, or who then hears these ideas and goes, 'yeah, that's a great idea!" but it seems like a lot of work for not a lot of payoff. Also, I'm pretty sure the guy who said the hardest challenge of the whole thing was assembling the right team. I would say the hardest challenge would be "driving to the top of a mountain, collecting as much snow as possible in your car, driving it back to the rain forest, loading up packs and then hiking it in 30 pounds a time, in order to have it stay snow long enough to get the shot." But that's just me.

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