Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cool Shit 1/2

Stuff you should be scared of that science is advancing/advocating. I think my favorite phrase of the year to date is "edible stages."

Speaking of science and technology, here are the stories we might be reading about in 2014.

I'm sure you're anticipating the new season of Sherlock Holmes to see how Sherlock survived, but are you familiar with the time Sir Author Conan Doyle killed off and brought back the detective?

The sugar wars.

The Indonesian film The Raid was a surprise hit in 2011, pitting a small core group of police trapped in an apartment building controlled by a drug lord. Obviously, because of its success, a sequel is coming out. Based on the trailer, I'm not sure it's going to match the original's sense of cramped fighting.

Though I lost interest in the output of Benjamin Curtis after purchasing Ten Silver Drops, the disappointing sophomore album by the Secret Machines, it's sad to find out he just died of cancer. Now Here is Nowhere, The Secret Machines debut, is an great album, and should be owned by a lot more people.

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