Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cool Shit 6/10

A few diseases that you hope you don't get, although telling people you have "Jumping Frenchmen" disease wouldn't be the WORST thing that could happen to you and would probably get you a decent sized audience at the next party you went to.

Ghostbusters is turning 30 this year. Check out some facts from the production of it. After that, why not read about what it took to make the music video?

Good to see NASA still has a enough money in the budget to start funding these pretty cool projects.

Some good examples of why sometimes it makes sense to listen to the actors and give them some freedom to improvise.

Interesting stories about Frank Sinatra.

This article is a great start, but I'd love to somehow get more involved in the the dinosaur black market. Of course, i don't have that kind of coin, nor do I live near a huge fossil repository, so it looks like it may just end as a pipe dream.

Crazy cool time lapse of the landscapes of New Zealand:

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