Monday, June 30, 2014

Cool Shit 6/30

The Blood Falls of Antarctica.

Love Nintendo? Then here's a list you can get mad at (or celebrate) of the top 50 Nintendo games.

People love to talk about how great capitalism is, and it may be, unfortunately, we're not living in a capitalistic society here in America. At least not according to some people.

You now have the possibility to explore the largest cave in the world.

Breaking down the economics of the show Seinfeld. Really cool look at what people made based on the show.

If you've had some weird fetish to understand what it was like to be a rock, your prayers may be answered.

Google is getting into the airfare business, and it sounds like it will be able to save you some cash.

Look, I'm not easily swayed into every conspiracy theory I come across the Internet, but this idea that the television show Boy Meets World is part of a secret Illuminati agenda feels like it has some merit.

What a $1,500 firework looks like:

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