Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cool Shit 6/3

These 40 maps do a good job of explaining the history of the internet.

Would you like a succinct summary of what happened at the Apple WWDC yesterday?

Ramps black market. Seems like we'll destroy this good thing shortly and then farm to table restaurants all over will have to find some other plant to tell us is hipster good enough to drive up the demand for it!

How to drink whiskey. More so than just throwing it in a shot glass and slugging it.

Information like this is good to know since I perform so many emergency tracheostomies.

The "internet in real time," has a soothing, hypnotic dread to its constant updates.

It's news reports like this that make me appreciate not living in New Mexico. I mean, am I crazy or is that a lot of grasshoppers?

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