Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cool Shit 6/12

If you're an alcoholic like me, you need to know different ways to get into a wine bottle if you're without corkscrew.

Learn why Dave Chappelle left his show - from Dave Chappelle:

What R&B crooner (post 90') is gonna give you the best chance to get some good lovin'? Refer to this handy chart to find out.

Like TED talks but feel intimidated by how to find the one you want to listen to? Enjoy this handy excel sheet that lists 1,756 of them.

The cow corpses from Close Encounters of the Third Kind; random, unclaimed corpse meat; the sweat of Satan; paprika.

This is my guess for what is in a Slim Jim. Go here to see if I'm right!

Strange photos from throughout history!

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