Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cool Shit 6/18

That there's an audience for the Expendables 3 is kinda worrisome to me.

Danger Mouse is coming back! And if you aren't familiar with Dangermouse, I feel bad for you.

New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. I have to imagine this film is not going to do well. I hope I'm wrong, but something tells me it's just too balls out crazy for our generic public.

Survival tips for different situations. Because you know you're going to push the limit trying to reach that bag of Hot Fries out of the vending machine at work.

How do you get your generic alternative rock song attention? Make an awesome music video with real optical illusions. (I actually enjoy that OK Go is trying different things with different mediums, and don't believe they get enough credit as artists in general).

New series coming to Showtime. The Knick. Looks like it's going to be about crazy surgical procedures from a turn-of-the-century hospital in New York. Starring Clive Owen, and created by Steven Soderbergh.

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