Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cool Shit 6/4

Just another story showing how Jon Hamm is awesome. This time with Amy Poehler.

Not only do these hiking trails boast some awesome scenery, they have a level of difficulty that everyone might not be able to handle.

So this is a pretty impressive lego build, of course what would be more impressive to see is the star destroyer exploding.

Tracking down the source, and potential meaning of one of the more famous Russian Numbers Stations.

The mind is an incredible place, filled with things we barely even understand that help us get through the day. But sometimes, the mind can be injured and then we're left with some strange mental disorders.

I love every picture that NASA releases from the Hubble telescope.

I disagree that this wedding shoot couldn't have gone worst. Let's give a hand to the 4 bridesmaids that escape relatively unscathed.

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