Monday, June 16, 2014

Cool Shit 6/16

Now these are some cool pools.

It seems like it's only a short matter of time before our movies are nothing more than shot in front of a wall. At least that's what these before/after pics of movies with FX are suggesting.

Read about the top secret naval Idaho.

Firsthand account of what it's like to go to a Doomsday prepper convention.

Remember when OJ Simpson had a prank show, "Juiced?" Yeah, me either, but apparently he did, and filming it was the train wreck you'd expect it to be.

25 best waterfalls in the world. Though I think the photography has more to do with the ranking than the actual waterfalls.

History class can't teach you everything!

A first hand account of what bitcoin can get you. Hint: it's most illegal, cool type stuff.

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