Monday, June 2, 2014

Cool Shit 6/2

Some of these accidental inventions that changed the world might be a in I don't think we'd be too horrible off had silly putty never been created.

So that Wu-Tang album? The one where they're only going to make one and then sell it to the highest bidder? There's a guy out there suggesting that's wrong and so he's trying to get enough money to buy it and destroy it without anyone being able to hear it. Of course, I thought the idea behind the album was that it was going to go on a museum tour where people could listen to it (albeit in a convoluted way) before it was sold off. So this guy really hasn't thought his plan entirely through.

Some cool aerial photography of parks and other leisure activities.

Don't you dare say you have never wondered what the inside of your dishwasher looked like while it was running. And now we can see it basically looks like an alien trying to probe your body.

Nic Cage looks like he's playing a pilot in the new movie based on the Left Behind book know, the one about the rapture? And it looks as terrible as that last sentence was to read.

I realize that betting on sports, specifically tennis in this article, can obviously lead to the hurting the integrity of the game, but it still sounds a little cool.

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