Friday, July 11, 2014

Cool Shit 7/11

Happy Slurpee Day! You can still get some sort of free ice drink from 7/11 today, right? Yes you can!

Awesome story about a Seinfeld episode that almost was, but (un)fortunately, never happened.

Pink Floyd albums, ranked. Not sure how Animals isn't #1, but I guess that's just me. You probably can guess what #1 is without seeing the list.

Youtube just got a lot more live concert music friendly. With this Music Vault deal they just made, you'll be able to see some pretty cool concert footage.

Enjoy this completely impossible timeline of the Planet of the Apes world.

The dark, sordid story behind the Noid, Domino's popular, yet controversial mascot, way back when pizza chains apparently had mascots. Until the bullets flew.

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