Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cool Shit 7/29

Words for those times when you don't know what else to say.

At first glance, the headline, "Quentin Tarrantino's Science Fiction film could e seriously weird" is enticing, and generates a lot of excitement. But after a little thought, (and reading the article) you might say to yourself, "that's really not that big of a proclamation, nor is it that boastful of a statement. Especially once you realize NOTHING IS SAID AT THIS LINK THAT IS ANYTHING WEIRD.

This guy never really defines his criteria too well for what makes a beer overrated, so take it as nothing more than a personal list of beers he's angry at when a lot of people speak to him about them, or order them a lot in his presence. And drink what you want.

Traveling to Sierra Leone or Liberia anytime soon? Might want to rethink the plans unless you've built up an immunity to Ebola.

Twelve "high concept" shows that looking back on them, were not high concept at all. In fact, it's amazing Hollywood execs green light stuff like this. Also, I'm physically ill from watching the Automan clip.

Trailer for the last movie in the Hobbit trilogy. You know, that small book that set up the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was about the end of that world? This is the problem with creating prequels to movies where the stakes couldn't get higher. We know who survives. And based on the characters not being in the later books, we can kind of figure out who dies. So that takes the dramatic tension away. Plus, sure, you can use as many somber songs and gravelly voiced narrators to make something serious - but the battle in this movie simply doesn't hold the same stakes as the one on The Return of the King. I just don't understand why decisions like this are made sometimes.

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