Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cool Shit 7/22

Sometimes deleted scenes out of movies are deleted with good reason. Though I can't believe Lucas cut the "silent communication" scene. It seems to go with the rest of the horrible decisions he made.

Sun Ra (nee Herman Blount) was an interesting figure in the music scene of the 60s. And did you know he taught a class at Berkley? And that you can get the syllabus and hear one of his lectures here?

Though cannibal fetishism is a real, disturbing thing, this case of a man possibly trying to meet and eat a 14 year old girl goes beyond it (if that's possible) and into the world of potential arrests for thought crimes.

Looking for a new series to watch? One that doesn't have a bandwagon of fans? One that you can say you heard about (relatively) first? Enjoy this trailer for The Intruders...

A look at slang for sexual acts and relations, though at this point, haven't we basically commandeered every word to mean something sexual in a slang-like way? Of course my favorite is "taking a ride on the slitty slitty bang bang." Which I just made up.

The sad story of the dying art of pick pocketing. Well, sad if you are a pick pocket. It's obviously an art. A criminal, illegal art.

Homeland: Season 4 is out this October. I bailed after season 2 and its inconsistencies. It seems like I goat away just when I should have. Regardless, if you're a fan, here's a trailer:

And finally RIP James Garner. If you have the time, watch The Great Escape today. If not, at least watch this montage of awesome opening answering machine cold opens from The Rockford Files.

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