Monday, July 14, 2014

Cool Shit 7/14

At first I thought this was about changing the television channel the Food Network, and I didn't think they had a shot. But then I realized they were talking about the food network in general. A loftier goal I guess, but probably slightly easier.

The headline is sensational, suggesting alien contact, but the article does go into a little more detail about what these radio "bursts" coming from space could be.

So a road in Yellowstone basically melted. And scientists say we have nothing to fear about the super volcano lying just below the surface?

I've never heard of the July Effect, but now that data suggests it may actually be real I'm going to be extra careful until the end of this month in an attempt to avoid all hospitals.

Looking for some cool hikes in America's National Parks but don't have a lot of time? Here are 10 that will take you about a day or so.

Sure, when the Polar Vortex comes in the winter, it's all, "Hey I hate you Polar Vortex!" but in the summer? I bet you'll all be singing a different tune!

Oh good - so the music industry is fucked, and no one is happy/satisfied with the current model - neither artists nor labels. So let's get the government involved!

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