Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cool Shit 7/23

Yet another helpful guide to getting drunk while in prison. Don't say I never give you guys something!

Enjoy Miles Davis opening up fro the Dead in 1970.

You may have thought you saw every food that could possibly be deep fried deep fried, but that's a dangerous thought. Well, it's probably a somewhat healthy thought, unless you're a vegetable oil salesman. Behold the latest state fair foods ready to be unleashed.

Done with those Altoids? Don't throw away the tin! Use it to make your own personal survival kit.

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the Amazon service that let's you pay $10 a month to read as much as you want from a 600,000 book catalog. Or, you know you could just do it for free and choose from over 6 million titles at the open library. Damn you Amazon. Damn you straight to hell.

Make your next trip to Disney World/Land that much cooler with these hidden gems.

News of a Manimal movie from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay has brought up mixed emotions. On the one hand, treating it as a comedy is going to be difficult, because when it was on TV, the seriousness led to comedy all by itself, and to force it seems difficult. But on the other's Manimal. And it gives me the chance to post this:

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