Monday, July 28, 2014

Cool Shit 7/28

Space is a weird, wild place that holds billions of mysteries for us to probably never solve.

Collective nouns are fun because they basically make no sense (a murder of crows?). So have fun the with these correct collective nouns of the supernatural realm.

So The Intruders, the new BBC America show, has aired. Here's a review. Seems like it could be  a good show. Unfortunately Wayward Pines, the FOX/M Night Shyamalan collaboration also got reviewed, and that doesn't fare so well.

Whoa. Who would have guessed that one of the more buzzed about things from this year's Comic Con was going to be the new Mad Max movie trailer? You might think that's crazy, but that's because you haven't seen the trailer yet. Enjoy...

More info about these radio "bursts" we keep receiving from outer space. No one knows what's causing them, and no one is ruling anything out just yet.

Secret internet societies.

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