Friday, September 12, 2014

Cool Shit 9/12

Want to eat a black burger? As in a black bun with black cheese? Well, first you have to like Burger King. Second you have to travel to Japan. Third, you have to do it before November.

Season 2 of Hannibal was batshit insane. I know that the creator said he wasn't staying faithful to the books, but still...while I assume Wil Graham will survive, I'm not so sure about Jack Crawford (specifically since Lawrence Fishburne seems to be on another series this Fall) which, I think he's too important a character to eliminate. But I still think the show is the best of the network offerings, and wish more people would watch. And this news of Gillian Anderson becoming a full time cast member is nice...

The prices of Johnnie Walker Blue vary tremendously from bar to bar. Is this something that would bother you? Or do you like to splash cash around as if it were no big deal?

I am a huge Cecily Strong fan, including her work as anchor for Weekend Update on SNL. Not that I mind Michael Che, but not sure why they couldn't get rid of Colin Jost, who just doesn't have the persona to nail down the anchor chair.

I'm a huge fan of Tropicalia, so while I haven't seen this documentary, I will definitely be watching it.

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