Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cool Shit 9/17

Enjoy a video of the 100 most iconic movie shots of all time. Easy to recognize most of them.

Nights here in the Northeast and Midatlantic regions are starting to get chilly which can only mean one thing...Autumn is coming. And these photos will definitely get you into the mood for it.

These are not the 5 worst ways to die. They are bad, but I guarantee I could come up with worse.

Some instructions for making competent paper airplanes, should you ever run into a paper airplane gang on the street and have to perform for them, lest you be killed by a thousand paper cuts (definitely a worse way to die than the five I linked to above).

I've linked to the space ship poster before, but apparently that one was incomplete, and now the artist has updated it. And it's almost incomprehensible due to the information it is attempting to display. But it still looks cool.

The news of WKRP being released on DVD WITH the original music is awesome. Now, obviously since I am a fan, I already have the episodes on DVD with the original music, but now we can all bask in the glory of this show.

Technologies that we should probably not fool around with. While some of them still sound like science fiction, we our developing at such at rapid pace in the technology field, it's not completely impossible to avoid some of these things. As such, we really should start thinking limitations now.

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