Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cool Shit 9/30

All Led Zeppelin songs, ranked by Spin. It's as egregious as you might imagine.

I'm kind of surprised that time spent in a Russian insane asylum wasn't a good thing. 

Strange food/movie tie-ins. Long gone are the days of the Star Wars glasses I guess.

For fans of documentaries about making movies, this one is right up your wheel house, chronicling the 70s movie Demon Lover. And apparently the behind the scenes stuff was more insane than anything filmed for the movie.

It's amazing to think that right now, in our current age, pirates are more of a threat than back when we thought pirates would be some sort of significant threat.

It's a clever theory connecting all the Pixar movies together, and seems like it could have been thought of at the very beginning, but I doubt it. Wish it was though.

10 paradoxes that will have you scratching your head. Though some of them are sort of similar to one another.

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