Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cool Shit 9/25

It's nice to know our sex clubs have a decent set of rules.

Back when James Franco did that whole NYU student thing, he made a documentary about how an episode of Saturday Night Live makes it to air. And now we're going to have a chance to see it.

Where all those crazy chemtrail conspiracies came from. Unless you think that's what they want us to think. In which case I can't help you.

Another cool time lapse, this one of Death Valley -

Prometheus was a terrible move. Fun and gorgeous to look at, unfortunately no one looked too hard at the script. Gaping holes and a poor plot structure only helped this movie to weaken the Alien franchise further. And now here comes news that Ridley Scott has said there will be no xenomorphs in the sequel. And his reasoning is...well you read it and tell me why. But we'll get more engineers! Because that's what drove everyone to the theaters. Not the origin stories of one of the most famous monsters in cinematic history. That there is even going to be a sequel is stupid.

Stuff we think we know about the Earth that we really don't know about the Earth.

Sometimes movies need a little bit of time before people truly recognize them for their brilliance.

NBC is going to reboot Real Genius, as a sitcom. While I think it probably could work in the right hands, I don't trust NBC to have those hands. So just go watch Real Genius. 

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