Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cool Shit 9/2

Some creepy places you can find on this big blue marble.

The best way to hold a hamburger: according to science!

Read an excised chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that was deemed "too wild" to be included in the original book.

New photos of Area 51 show new stuff; people get excited to glean new, vague information about stuff they don't know about; government snickers because Area 51 is just a dummy base to keep our attention away from real secret bases.

Whether you're planning on having one, or looking to get some deals at one, here are the seven items at a garage sale that won't turn much of a profit.

The original Ballantine is back, brought to you by Pabst. And this is a Ballantine you're probably not familiar with.

Hyperlapse is the new App from Instagram, that basically allows anyone to make a time lapse video. Here are 25 awesome examples

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