Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cool Shit 9/16

Seems like the Toronto Film Festival is over, and nothing walked away as an early Oscar favorite. But there were some winners and losers.

More on the Ebola outbreak, including how it really got out of control, and how it's staying out of control.

Some pretty cool business secrets.

Ranking Oliver Stone's movies. Or more accurately, a guy ranks Oliver Stone's movies. A guy I don't agree with at all.

Yesterday there was a link about Wall Street getting into the problems of Olive Garden. Today, based on that report, someone offers a firsthand account of the problems with Olive Garden. I again ask why people are still trying to make this place work so much. If it's the bottomless breadsticks and salad that is so innovating and keep people coming back, maybe that's all it should offer?

An internet glossary for us old people so we can attempt to stay relevant in this youthful world.

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