Monday, September 29, 2014

Cool Shit 9/29

Space planes. Top secret space planes. Top secret CIA space planes.

I'm not sure a spin-off from the Walking Dead can work, and wonder if it can actually hurt the popularity of the original. First, it seems that it is not going to be based on any source material, which I feel could lead to some conflict with Robert Kirkman, who originally created the comic book. And the premise which suggests it's a prequel of some sort, means it will be moving backwards some, over ground that while not fully fleshed out by the series, has been gone over. It just doesn't seem like it's being set up to do well. But I've been wrong before.

Increase the pleasure of your Amazon shopping experience with these helpful tips.

Cheesy, but a neat little breakdown of how a space battle would really happen, based on actual science.

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means we're going to start seeing an influx of horror movies in the theaters. This one seems to be getting decent buzz...

A list of answers to questions you may have pondered at one time or another.

Follow these safety tips and you'll survive any and all plane crashes you find yourself in!

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